Sugar cane



Rice husk

Biomaterials of plant origin

The biomaterials of vegetable origin that we use in Amaya Sport in BioVegetal is made from sugar cane, corn, beetroot and rice husks.

Thanks to the use of biomaterials to manufacture our products, we contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while helping to protect the environment, and reducing the production of unnecessary waste.

Our objective

Sustainability and positive environmental balance

1. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
2. Savings fossil resources.
3. Use of renewable resources.
4. Manufacture of biodegradable products.
5. Improve decarbonisation.
6. Capturing and repairing CO2 from the atmosphere during the production of vegetables, up to 2.15 metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere for each ton produced.


Respect for nature and the environment

We present the following projects for 2023 that bring us closer to the ultimate goal of respect for nature and the environment:

The production of sports balls with a new formula of vegetable biological base, which replaces more than half of the substances of fossil origin with substances of vegetable and renewable origin.

The production of psychomotor and sports items for children and adults with a new 100% plant-based biological formula

The production of psychomotricity and sports items for animals with a new 100% plant-based biological formula.

Amaya Sport

Five decades of research and development of new materials

We are manufacturers of articles for sports and for the motor development of children. We have been creating new materials and innovating in the manufacturing processes of our products for more than five decades.

The development of the new material BioVegetal has been a challenge for Amaya Sport and once again makes us a benchmark at an international level.